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My Reddit Post to the Gangstalking group

Here's a copy of my post to the Reddit Gangstalking group, which I chose to post to in order to share some information that might actually help other victims to gain perspective and to learn from my experiences as a victim of targeted stalking.

The post was removed with the assertion that it would remain as such until I replied to the moderator, which I did the next day. That person's reply was polite and to the point though left me feeling a little bit defensive.

I'd like to see this information benefit other targeted individuals as well and other people who are interested in the subject so I chose to share it here.

My Post

Hi. I'm a Canadian from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (in Regent Park) who happens to be a somewhat high profile targeted individual and stalking victim and have been for many years. During that time I've managed to gather a lot of intelligence related to group stalking and its motives, methods and means including its organizational structure. I'm going to try my best to summarize most of what I know about how it all works in order to help other targeted individuals avert the possible harm and tragedy that can result from the activity.

First of all, it is very prevalent in Toronto and enjoys an extensive network throughout the city much the same as it does anywhere.

First of all the best way to describe what group stalking is, is to call it exactly what it is. Group stalking is a form of social collectivism whereby members of the stalking group giving up their individuality in favour of become part of a larger organism, much like an ant colony.

They are all members of society the same as the targets, though they've opted for this form of membership which affords them power against the people they most often target. Group stalking is not a Government activity. It isn't a Police activity. It isn't solely the activity of any specific organization or religion and in fact transcends those boundaries. It is simply an unnamed group and collective that operates as its own social power. In this way it can operate from within any organization and across multiple organizations and groups in order to hide itself.

The people that it targets are often considered to be iconified in some way. Not necessarily famous, malicious or criminal, but people who have some form of individual power or following associated with them. Either they're related to someone who is associated with a group that wields social power (ie a target might be related to someone famous, or have a relative that is a part of something perceived to be of some form of social power ie Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, an Activist group, Politician in the family, Law Enforcement in the family, an Informant, related to Criminal or underground gang or a "Gun" or a "Rose").

For whatever reason, the target is or has become iconified in some way by people outside of the group stalkers enough to garner the effort of group stalkers to attempt to either commandeer that person to their collective cause or if they cannot be controlled, discredit them and destroy their life so that they pose no threat to any of the membership of the group stalkers. Group stalkers are not members of any specific fixed ideology. Instead they are teams that are held together and organized through the symbolism of colours.

Group stalkers utilize the resources of whatever identifiable group from which within they operate and use that affiliation as camouflage for their activities. For instance, groups stalkers who work for the Government will try to convince their targets that the Government is out to get them, which actually isn't the case at all. Group stalkers want their targets to make as many enemies of other people as possible, so attacking their targets from within any identifiable group is their means of camouflage and tricking the victim into believing that those particular groups (Government, Military, Law Enforcement, the Phone company etc) are out to get them. In that way, group stalkers are destroying their targets by making as many different enemies for the target as possible. If they can't use the target for their purposes, they want the target's reputation and life destroyed. THAT is their most prevalent tactic. Tricking the target into thinking that all these organizations and groups are out to get them. That helps to cover up any credible exposure resulting from a strong willed target that could compromise the activities of individuals within group stalking groups in society.

Group stalkers do utilize techniques such as ESP to operate and to open up their targets. This is actually one of their best kept secrets because with regard to ESP, the majority of people believe that anyone who believes in it is crazy. Therefore it is very easy to discredit targets when it comes to the actual truth of how group stalking operates.

There are no energy weapons or microwave guns or anything of that nature that I've encountered. All of that is a facade to cover up the truth of how that aspect really works.

Group stalkers are what is known as a biomagnetic collective. That is, the majority of group stalkers are connected to one another via the biomagnetic field of the human body. It is through this biomagnetic field that all information shared between groups stalkers is communicated and that is precisely what makes up their invisible communications network. Their ESP. Its human biomagnetism. Naturally occurring WIFI of the human body. Group stalkers practice reinforcing this between themselves every single night. It is what targets would regard as sounding like ritualistic hate or even hearing voices. This is how group stalkers bring connect to one another and how they connect to their victim.

Most group stalkers don't know or understand the science of biomagnetism, and instead many of them refer to the phenomenon simply as "blood". Biomagnetism is the resulting magnetic field emanating from the human nervous system, which is a cascading electrochemical communications network within the human body. The communications that take place in our nervous system produce a magnetic field. That field can overlap other people's bodies and when it does, it is converted back into electrical current that contains all of the same information contained in the biomagnetic field from whose body and nervous system it was emitted. That current has a small chance of being reinterpreted locally by the receiving body's nervous system, hence this can allow for two way communication of information between human bodies wirelessly. Group stalkers practice amplifying this naturally occurring effect within the human body and their connection to their fellow group stalkers. In this way, they become connected like a collective organism. Like an ant colony.

Group stalkers can also use biomagnetism as a form of attack. This is where the misconception of energy attacks originating from microwave weapons comes from. Its actually biomagnetism. You see, group stalkers have weaponized entire segments of the population, whose bodies are naturally ailing as a result of disease, illness or narcotics use. Their hormonal system is so vastly different from that of the hormonal system of other people that when someone else's body produces the same or similar hormone recipe within their body as from the body of one of these weaponized group stalker's bodies, it can cause intense pain, extreme migraine headaches, sickness and nausea and a variety of other symptoms that could easily be mistaken or explained away as originating from high tech energy weapons. Those symptoms actually originate from the bodies of other group stalkers who've been trained to use their own healthy issues as weapons against the bodies of the target individuals. Once again, another one of their biggest secrets out the window.

Biomagnetism also explains away the frequent phenomenon of target individuals "hearing voices". This isn't to say that mental illness doesn't exist, because there are certainly health issues that can cause otherwise healthy individuals to hear voices or experience symptoms that should be diagnosed by qualified medical and psychiatric professionals, however the use of abusive biomagnetism by group stalkers also contributes to this phenomenon amongst targeted individuals. Groups stalkers can use the fact that if the targets talk about or try to explain such experiences to other people, they will be immediately labeled as being mentally ill, and suffer from the stigma that results from being labeled as such which further helps to discredit the target.

The first people that targets turn to when they experience this is usually their families and then law enforcement. When these symptoms are the result of the efforts of group stalkers, both family and law enforcement will often write it off as mental illness. This will also be assisted by the fact that some group stalkers will make up the membership of the target's family and law enforcement and will undoubtedly do what they can to hide the truth and discredit the target. The truth is that there are people (and groups) who do not want these methods revealed or widely known publically, yet group stalkers are so incredibly destructive and corrupted that perhaps it is time that this was acknowledged and dealt with publically.

Discrediting involves many aspects. Most targets very quickly become familiar with street theater and skits that are portrayed by group stalkers to yield a specific reaction from the target and perhaps give the wider public a misconception about the target's reputation or life.

One of the most common tactics used by group stalkers seeking to discredit their target is to setup situations that are damning to the target in some way that the target is forced to keep secret, but that both the target and the group stalkers have full knowledge of. These situations could be said to be called puppet strings. They are used to pressure and control the target by group stalkers who will give hints of their awareness of the existence of such puppet strings in the life of the target. If the target denies any such situations, they will be clearly labeled as a liar and once that happens, the sincerity and credibility of the target is often beyond repair.

The best way to deal with those situations is to be aware that they will occur and to avoid them. If you've already been setup in a situation, then deal with it publically and honestly, though maintaining the stand that such situations are setup by an organized group seeking to discredit you. Be sure to maintain your honesty because it is your most valuable asset. That doesn't mean that you are required to divulge everything about your life to others, but it does mean that you should honest with yourself and others in matters that don't concern yours or others' privacy. Where privacy is concerned, you don't have to say anything about yours or anyone else's private life. If you do reveal aspects about the group stalkers, don't reveal their personal secrets. Reveal their methods and motives where possible.

Most effort conducted by group stalkers is about either controlling a target to the ends of the group or discrediting them as a sort of social competition and game. By being aware of the details I've revealed you should be able to survive as a target and victim of stalking, despite some pretty drastic effects to the enjoyment of your life. You can live through the bad times and no matter how bad things get, always remember that you'll have good experiences ahead of you too.

Hormones are a big part of how we deal with difficulty in life and can really skew our perception of our situation, sometimes very dangerously especially if those hormones result in suicidal depression. Some group stalkers will attempt to attack you like this. By affecting your bodily hormones to such a degree that you experience excruciatingly depressing moods in which you'll feel that the only way stop it is to take your life. Arm yourself with the fact that the only reason that you're feeling that way is a result of chemistry, not your real true consciousness. Its like trying to drive a car with a dirty windshield. Just stop the car and don't do any drastic driving until the windshield is clean. So don't make any rash decisions while you're under the effects of extreme depression that you are certain is resulting from your hormones being affected by outside means. They will do this to you, and you need to harden yourself up against it.

Many group stalkers also believe that as a group and through their abusive use of biomagnetism that they are able to possess and mind control other people. They actually use this justification to steal the life output of their targets. That is, they'll steal anything good a target accomplishes and give it to the credit of someone else simply on the basis of the fact that group stalkers believe that they can possess and mind control their targets.

Many group stalkers seem to believe something similar to Scientologists with regard to Thetans. Thetans are disembodied souls that embody a particular quality of being. When you become possessed by these disembodied spirits, you'll take on their qualities according to their belief. Its the same with group stalkers, though group stalkers are necessarily specifically Scientologists. Many of them share similar beliefs with regard to the nature of how the human psyche works. So many group stalkers make it a game of hunting these disembodied spirits, which they believe relocate as a result of the nightly practice of ritualistic hate I described that many group stalkers conduct at night to reinforce their connection to one another. They believe that a whole population of these disembodies spirits jump into the bodies of their targets, which they attempt to hunt down the following day and this makes up much of their daily game in that regard and what they believe about mind controlling their victims.

So much of the group stalking activity is about treating the target individual as if they are someone else, and harassing them about things related to the disembodied spirit they are hunting. According to what group stalkers believe, these spirits might be the spirits of your neighbours or disembodied spirits that are named after the qualities they exhibit. Eg: hit, slap, punch, yell, swear, chew etc. They are named according to the habits they imbue upon those they possess. That is a big aspect of what many group stalkers believe and some believe that these spirits come from specific people (who they've iconified) or as I've said, from these disembodied spirits that are named after whatever quality they imbue upon the possessed. This is how they explain the phenomenon caused by their misuse of their biomagnetism to connect to other people's bodies and the imbalance in hormones that it causes in the bodies of their victims. As I've stated, many of them aren't particularly knowledgeable when it comes to science, so their understanding of the phenomenon involved most often involves superstition and ignorance. Some of them believe that they are superior in terms of their blood and this is why they are able to attempt to control and manipulate others. Some just do it for kicks.

Many of them seem to have a boundary problem. That is, they believe that if they like the idea of doing something, even if it violates someone else's privacy, body, rights and it can't be detected or proven, then it is alright to do it, just as long as you don't get caught. It really is the rapist's mentality.

Many people have sexual fantasies that they'd never try without a consenting partner. In fact almost all sexual relationships are of that nature. Most people would never overstep the boundary of a partner's right to have the final say about what happens with their body. Group stalkers are a subset of the population, a very large one that believes that if you like it, just do it regardless of how it screws up other people. In other words, they don't care about the damage it causes to the lives of their victims and this rationale is exactly what motivates most rape.

Group stalkers are in a group because they're doing something so wrong that it requires the protection of a group to keep them from harm and doing it to people that they convince the rest of society that these victims don't deserve the same rights as everyone else.

Attempting to puppeteer someone into their own self destruction and to discredit them to the point that they can no longer lead a happy and healthy life.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

Just so you know, as a result of group stalking and its destructive nature, I ended up homeless for 8 years between 2004 and 2012. I survived and managed to get back on my feet, but everyday is a struggle and some days are better than others and some days are worse. My advice is that you learn to find joy in the small things in life and to use the perspective of understanding suffering from so many different points of view in order to do what's right. Speak up when you should speak up and recover when you need to. Most of all don't play their game.

Don't go chasing whatever it is they're trying to puppeteer you into chasing, because if you do then they're calling the shots and you're following.

Stay away from extreme ideas as well (such as extreme love/hate or blood/fire based ideologies). Don't let group stalkers see-saw you to extremes. They do this quite often in order to tip you over to one side of extremity rather than finding peace in balance. To many group stalkers this concept is referred to as polarity. If you are on one side of an extremity, you can be manipulated very easily not to mention that they regularly swap the meaning of those extremities. Ie love becomes hate and hate becomes love.

In addition, many might try to convince you that love and hate are the same thing. They're not. Hate and anger is the body's response to some hormonal imbalances which are related to fight or flight syndrome. Instinct that protected us when we lived in tribes and didn't have the advantage of our tools. Extreme emotions resulting from hormone imbalances are almost always without consciousness. Ie, we're not driving. We're being driven by our hormones. Hate and anger is the only emotion that has this extreme ability to override our conscious mind and take away the advantages of having an analytical mind. Hate and anger are without consciousness and a person can be made to hate with enough abuse and harassment and that's because the result is biochemical. So you can make someone hate so it is the means to control and many group stalkers operate under this premise. Don't mistake it with Nelson Mandela's saying, if you can make someone hate then you can teach someone to love, because that's nonsense. Everyone knows how to love. Making someone hate is the equivalent to brainwashing them and is rape of the consciousness. Nobody can teach you to love or make you love and that's because love isn't tied to any specific hormone, and love is not a reactionary response. It is truly the free will of a person and nobody can teach you how to love or make you love. Its yours from the get go. The problem is that if you've suffered abuse for a long time, chances are you won't be willing to love so easily.

Take animals for instance. If they've long suffered abuse, even when they're treated lovingly by people, abused animals will likely attack. That's because they're so used to being abused that when they experience love, they experience trauma resulting from what they anticipate will eventually happen. If you're abused all the time, chances are you'll even end up being mean with those who are loving with you. Abuse only yields the like and most often leads to a loss of freedom. Group stalkers prey upon this aspect of a person and that is exactly what radicalization is all about. See-sawing someone emotionally so that they fall to one side of extremity enough so they lose control. Some people call this cow tipping.

For the simple fact that hate and anger is loss of control and love is free will, love and hate are NOT the same thing. You can make someone hate if you abuse them and harass them enough, but you can't teach anyone to love. That's because it is their free will and choice to do so and that is precisely what freedom is.

That pretty much sums up the whole of what I've learned about group stalking from my own personal experience in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I sincerely hope that what I've shared here helps other targets elsewhere. Undoubtedly many group stalkers in Toronto will likely try to steal the credit for this post. In Toronto that seems to be their most common modus operandi. Steal the output of their victims and wear it as if they produced it. I guess the important thing though is that this helps others get through it. I've missed many points I meant to touch upon, but this is probably helpful enough to get many people on track again.

Have a good day and do your best to find happiness even in the turbulence.

Moderator's Reply:

Who or what told you that? Was it a group stalker using ESP or was it a SNBE verbiaging. SNBE is an acronym for sapient non biological entities that have been described by terms like spirit, shadow people, or djinn.

When I do a search of what you write: Group stalkers are what is known as a biomagnetic collective

There are no results for "biomagnetic collective"

So you might be the only one that has this opinion.

For now I am removing this post until you reply.

Your post is well written.

My Reply:

The fact that you removed the post because there were no other references to "biomagnetic collective" in a search of the term certainly makes me suspicious that you're hiding information for the benefit of real group stalkers though I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I understand that targeted individuals must be very protective of whom they let into their circle lest group stalkers ravage them from within their midst, but quite honestly it is too late for that as we live our daily lives mingled with group stalking predators pretty much everywhere, though it certainly helps not to be overly aggressive with labeling others.

The situation with group stalkers and the biomagnetic collective is quite simply this: with everyone connected to a biomagnetic collective, we're all aware of each other and that there's someone amongst us that has particular thoughts on just about any given subject. As soon as someone thinks it the collective might become aware of it. The truth is though that we don't know how to link those thoughts with whom they originate from in physical reality, so anyone can lay claim to what you "think" or "say" if you don't have witnesses to the fact that it originated from you.

Its like having a large group of people who are able to see out of your eyes, and hear through your ears and read your thoughts taking advantage of that access for their own purposes and personal gain and erasing the source from the equation. I mean such a group could claim they're responsible for anything that they siphon via ESP from their target, unless the target looks in a mirror or does something the proves their own distinct identity to their own senses.

It is analgous to your online identity. I mean we can claim who we are, if we identify ourselves as the particular person using *our* particular computer to produce content online through a specific MAC address and possibly a fixed IP Address, but if that computer is hacked, remotely controlled and/or monitored secretly, then anyone who has access to the monitoring can claim to be the source of what is produced using it until something has been verified and clarified about the computer owner's true distinct identity. Such as pointing a web cam at the computer user's face and then the computer's screen, which would be proof that the physical user of that computer is a person who looks a particular way and is in front of said computer. So a biomagnetic collective is an internet of the human biofield, whereby many people have access to information that originates from the senses of other people or their mind's eye. The eye within each of us that peers into our memories and thoughts. Others being able to "see" through our mind's eye would give them access to our thoughts and memories. If you wanted to access a particular memory of a person, you'd only need to say something that triggered them to think about that, and then look through their mind's eye to see what their thoughts and memories of that subject are.

Some people would call it collective consciousness but that description is inaccurate, because that would imply that our consciousness originates from the group rather than the individual which is not the case. Its the ant colony all over again. If you let yourself be devoured by such a thing, then perhaps you really do have no consciousness of your own. If you can assert and distinguish yourself from the collective, that is proof that you have independent consciousness because if you didn't, there would be no advantage to the collective consciousness controlling or puppeteering you into claiming that you did have independent consciousness.

A biomagnetic collective isn't collective consciousness. Its more like everyone has there own phone, but they can hear everyone else's conversations without knowing who the people having those conversations are. Being able to hear those conversations also means being able to hear the conversations that we have with ourself as well. So anyone in the biomagnetic collective can lay claim to the output of anyone else and essentially figure out ways to plagiarize it which essentially is the goal of most group stalking. A means by which to puppeteer the targeted individual and/or lay claim to what they produce by claiming that it resulted from other entities who inhabited the targeted individual or by way of social puppetry as I described in my post.

Scientifically this theory holds up and the sources I cite below are evidence of that. There is only one piece of missing evidence and that is that most experiences of that nature seem to break the rules of time/space and the limit of the speed of information (which is the speed of light). Quantum entanglement would explain that aspect perfectly though proving scientifically that people who are connected to this biomagnetic collective are "entangled" (ie spooky action at a distance) will take a few more years.

I'm going to publish my post from the Reddit Gangstalking group on a blog I keep about group stalking so that the information I revealed is available to everyone. I'm also going to include your reply and my response as well.

I purposely withheld information about a connection between group stalking and the recent rise of Gnosticism, likely given the proliferation of Gnostic information on the internet. There seems to be a more Nazi-like version of Gnosticism rapidly spreading that is leaving most people to thinking like classical computers (via love/hate ideology) with any two extremes representing the binary logic of classical computation, meaning that most people who follow such an ideology are limiting their concept of storage capacity from what may amount to a few peta bytes in the human brain (compressed fractally) to one bit by limiting their thinking to two extremes. I'd say if you wanted to control people, that's likely the way you'd go about doing it. Reducing them to beings capable of only one of two possible extremes, and forcing them to either side. That's certainly an approach espoused by recent Gnostic texts (especially those originating from Samael Aun Weor) which forcefully pit the enlightened into one of the two groups: the tenebrous ones (black lodge) or the enlightened ones (white lodge). Gnosticism is a very complicated subject and unfortunately every time it has surfaced into popular culture, it has always accompanied a lot of misery and death resulting from its misuse. Nazism is one such example of Gnosticism gone awfully wrong. So are the Dark Ages and the violence that accompanied the French Revolution. The 1960s and 1970s seemed to find a lot of Women victims of emotional polarization that resulted in many of them having to rely on Prozac, which was then later taken by the anti-pharmacological movement and cited as a conspiracy by the medical industry to turn the population into zombies which in my opinion is complete nonsense. The Doctors were acting upon what they knew at the time given the limits of acceptance of other worldly philosophies versus Western idealism. Had they invited or accepted a working relationship with Eastern traditional medicine and energy healing, those Women may have averted much of their suffering as a result time.

Also, given the close proximity of Gnosticism to the topic of religion, I chose to stay away from the correlations because one aspect that group stalking is often excacerbated as a result of is the polarizing of people based upon their gender, their beliefs, their sexual orientation and their cultural ethnicity. Nobody should be denied any of those aspects of their being no matter how they differ from those of others.

A biomagnetic collective is a concept that explains this perfectly and quite honestly it is something which I surmised myself as a result of a lot of research. There are certainly many others who've explored this ground under different concepts, but my effort seems to tie them together very well though I am not espousing or inventing a new religion at all. Suffice it to say that I'm not a Gnostic. I am not a hater or homophobic. I am heterosexual but I completely support LGBTQ rights.

Here's a link to some of my bibliography on the subject with a bit of long winded rhetoric related to my victimization from years ago (between 2012 and 2014).

I have no qualms with anyone knowing my specific identity, even given the nature that I'm a victim of group stalking, identity theft and swapping and sometimes erasure. I don't experience fear but I, like most targeted individuals, don't relish repeatedly experiencing post traumatic stress, but what doesn't kill me makes me stronger and smarter.

Most of what I posted on this reddit group is what I feel is the most useful knowledge for targeted individuals to have, that may help them to survive and even to overcome their stalkers without turning the whole thing into a Wytch hunt or an effort to collect Butterflies and slay Dragons (hint hint).

One Last Thing To Mention

Most of what group stalkers do is about see-sawing their victim to the negative side of any dualistic paradigm (ie love/hate, blood/fire, good/bad, law/crime etc) so that the group stalkers can take the opposite side to the side that they push their victim towards. Especially attempting to push their victims towards the hate paradigm in order to weaponize their victims to attack the enemies of those who participate in group stalking.

Consider it like group stalkers trying to remotely control target individuals into attacking the stalkers' enemies. Almost like a game of Rock 'em Sockem Robots. In doing so and keeping their methods well hidden, group stalkers make the victim appear the wrong doer by way of proxy and manipulation or just a game of control for kicks conducted by the group stalkers.

These competitions are most often symbolized by colours, which often represent a specific ideology embraced by a particular group of stalkers or one that covers a wide group of related ideologies. Most of the time for group stalkers its about keeping secret whatever their particular colours represent while revealing what others' representations of the same colours mean. Many group stalkers believe that its what you keep secret that counts, and that anything that is revealed becomes a falsehood or irrelevant.

Their effort in this regard even extends to a person's identity. For instance if you reveal your name, your address or your birth date, the group stalkers believe that you lose those aspects of your being and that they go to someone else who keeps them secret better than you did. This is also how group stalkers steal the identities of others. Just by keeping secret whatever it is that their target and victim produces or reveals. In doing so, they believe that they will be treated as if they're responsible for what their victim accomplished and revealed while their victim will be treated as if they're responsible for whatever secret the group stalkers believe that they snuck onto the target or victim. In this way the victim almost always has to spend a great deal of effort ensuring that they contradict any qualities related to the kinds of secrets that group stalkers try to place upon their victims.

For instance they might try to place the secrets of people in prison on their victims so that others get clues and hints that indicate that the victim is somehow associated or responsible for the other person's crimes until the victim manages to do or say something that contradicts the nature of those crimes and those secrets. That in essence is a big part of how this ideology operates and they'll violate trust in just about any situation that they can which offers them the opportunity to victimize their target.

Brian Joseph Johns

200 Sherbourne Street #701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5A 3Z5



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